St Austell Newquay

Steve Double claims to be a strong Cornish voice in Parliament

On his website he says

When I stood for election in 2015, I said it would be you, not the Conservative Party who would be my boss.

In my work as your MP I have done all I can to live up to this promise. I have often challenged the Government and voted against the party when I have felt it was not to the best interests of Mid-Cornwall.

Actually no Steve, you only ever rebelled against this government  3 times out of a total 416 votes or less than 1 percent. 

Overall, Steve Double MP, like his fellow Conservative MP’s in Cornwall, is an obedient foot soldier to his Conservative Masters and his voting record reflects that (see below). To be fair, he did vote against Devonwall – and made an emotional speech defending Cornish values and identity – but that is about it. There is little else to substantiate his claim.


For a full breakdown of his voting record click this link>>

There are two other issues worth noting (probably more but lack of time to probe further).

Devolution for Cornwall

On his website he also makes much about Devolution for Cornwall and the opportunities it affords. But this was a deal done behind closed doors with no public discussion or consultation. Moreover he has   consistently voted for reducing central government funding of local government and voted against more powers for local councils – undermining Cornwall Council’s ability to safeguard essential public services. What does Devolution under the crippling budget cuts he voted for actually amount to? 

‘I will support families, charities and local communities’ Steve Double

Steve Double substantiates his assertion by placing considerable emphasis  about his role as a family man and as an MP to support his community – see website. But  as an MP he has almost always voted against the interests of the most vulnerable: he knows that Cornwall is one of the poorest regions in Europe and yet he has consistently voted to withdraw the welfare safety net with no real alternatives. Sheffield Hallam University has estimated that welfare reform has resulted in a  financial loss of £521 per year  per working age adult in Cornwall or £170m a year (see report) .

Charity runs and shaking a donation box in the high street won’t actually bridge the gap in huge sums lost. And that is before we count the cost of Brexit (which he voted for) and the loss of EU funding. The so-called ‘jobs miracle’ touted by the Conservatives isn’t evident in Cornwall given  given that wages in Cornwall are well below the average.

In all, not a champion that Cornwall deserves. Stand down Steve Double!

Breakdown of Vote in St Austell-Newquay constituency