Programme 25 March 2017

Conference agenda and speakers
09.30am to 10.00am Registration Attendees to collect A5 question cards – to be completed and handed in at Coffee break
10.00am 10.10am Introductory remarks by Chair, Stuart Roden, Labour Party  Labour Party, former regional  Unison rep and prospective parliamentary candidate Truro and Falmouth
10.10am – 10.20am Andrew George, Liberal Democrat party ex Liberal Democrat MP for St Ives and co-ordinator of the Westminster centre-left 2020 project
10.20am – 10.30am Neal Lawson, Compass Chair of  Compass think-do tank and hub for progressive alliance initiatives
10.30am – 10.40am Cllr Amanda Pennington, Green Party Green party councillor, Wadebridge and ppc Truro and Falmouth
10.40am – 10.50am Owen Winter, Make Votes Matter Owen Winter, representative to the Youth Parliament, speaks and writes nationally for the campaign organisation Make Votes Matter
10.50am  –  11.00am Ten minute question period
11.00am – 11.30am Coffee Break Networking, complete question cards and hand in. Attendees to complete Question cards and hand in for Panel Discussion
11.30am to 12.30pm Panel Discussion – questions to be read out by chair
12.30 to 12.45 Way forward and wind up by Chair