Progressive Alliance for Cornwall: public meeting March 25th 2017

25th March 09.30am to 12.45pm, County hall, Treyew road, Truro, Cornwall TR1 3AY

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A newly formed Progressive Alliance for Cornwall is hosting its first public meeting on the 25th March on how Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, Mebyon Kernow and Labour can work together to oust the Tories.  It will emphasise common ground rather than party differences and urge parties to work together to promote strong public services, a Green economy and real devolution for Cornwall.

It will also highlight the need for electoral reform.  The EU referendum showed that when people know that every vote counts, they come out in high numbers. We need a new voting system that builds on that; a proportional representation system where the number of seats won  reflects the number of votes cast for a party, so that no vote is wasted.  This would replace the present broken system where a majority Conservative government is voted in on only   37 percent of the vote, while five million votes gained by UKIP and the Greens resulted in  just two seats between them. If we include those who did not vote, this Conservative government holds absolute power with less than 24% of the electorate. .

Speakers from both in and outside Cornwall will address these issues in the light of the EU referendum and Britain’s exit from the EU.