How do we make our MP’s more democratically accountable?

This is a late reminder of the public meeting tomorrow at St Johns Hall Penzance 7pm – but it is also to throw out a couple of ideas which we may or may not have time to talk about.

Local Vote Swap site

The first is a local initiative for a local online vote swap site. This is purely at the ideas stage and may or may not happen. More ambitiously, the originator of this proposal (who lives in Cornwall) also suggested combining it with a “constituency multi-party based college”, one which “would include representatives of the minority leftish parties -Greens of whichever hue and MK basically“. Continue reading “How do we make our MP’s more democratically accountable?”


Open public meeting 22nd February

This is just to let you know that we have an open public meeting on 22nd February – see flyer below which you can download and share.

To help us get an idea of numbers take a moment to register using the form below. Thanks.

New chair of Progressive Alliance for Cornwall

At a special meeting on 6 December 2017, members of the alliance  elected a new chair, David Levine, who will be taking over Gavin Barker as chair. Gavin’s role will now be restricted to admin support and updating the website.

David Levine is a retired NHS consultant and is  delighted to take on the role of chair.  Here is what he had to say: Continue reading “New chair of Progressive Alliance for Cornwall”

We need a new settlement between people and government: a People’s Constitution

Until now, the flagship policy of a progressive alliance has been electoral reform and the introduction of proportional representation. Bring in proportional representation, so the argument goes, and we will see a sea-change in our politics with a new expansive, collaborative politics of the centre left. But this may not happen in the way that we think.   It is one thing to change our electoral system but quite another to change an ingrained culture of fractious tribal politics.    Continue reading “We need a new settlement between people and government: a People’s Constitution”