General election results for Cornwall broken down by constituency

Let me start with three quotes  from three different local party activists reflecting on the outcome of  the election:

Green party campaigner:

Had LibDems  stood down in Camborne/Redruth and in Newquay/St Austell and had Labour stood down in St Ives and in N.Cornwall, the Tories would have lost 4 seats and Jeremy Corbyn would now be leading a minority government with a good chance of a PR election next time.

Only MK and the Greens made the brave decision to stand aside despite being offered ‘absolutely nothing’ in return. And that decision has cost us dearly: financially, in vote share and yes, even in membership losses.

I’m afraid I just don’t see an alliance happening (much to my immense frustration) as Labour and LibDems are too bloody short-sighted to act in the best interests of the country. Always putting their own needs first.

Until Labour and LibDems in Cornwall can open their eyes to the bigger picture, the result we saw on Thursday is the absolute best they can EVER hope for. The ball is in their court, but they seem determined to keep whacking it into the net.

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Jeremy Hunt accuses Dr Louise Irvine of being a liar – see her response

The NHS is always going to be very high on the agenda in any future election given its extremely uncertain future. As many of you may know Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, had to face GP Dr Louise Irvine who contested his seat on behalf of the NHA party. He was clearly rattled and while he won comfortably, he used his acceptance speech to accuse Dr Irvine of lying.

Her detailed response contains a withering and factual rebuttal, point by point. It  paints a powerful if dismal picture of the parlous state of the NHS and every one of us needs to read this and understand just what is at stake. As an aside, Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat manifestos all move in the same direction, promising significant additional funding for the NHS.  The Conservative manifesto claims to give additional funding – but this is on the basis of selling NHS assets i.e. selling the family silver to cover budget shortfalls.

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Letter to George Eustace MP for Camborne Redruth and Hayle constituency

The letter below questions democratic legitimacy and demands PR. It was sent by a local constituent and succinctly sets out the predicament that we are in: that while a majority of voters voted for progressive parties, the majority of seats still went to the Conservatives. The image above is from Make Votes Matter

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Where now for a progressive alliance?

I have passed this whole weekend  between a mixture of elation and despondency. Elation that Labour made such a dramatic surge to position itself as the main challenger to the Conservatives in Cornwall; despondency that our efforts in the progressive alliance – and particularly my efforts – may have cost Labour sorely needed votes to break through the sea of blue.

It is a hard thing to say but it must be said: we called it wrong. We widely promoted tactical voting based on the Tactical2017 website. When the Cornwall Live poll indicated a shift in voting sentiment, I modified the advice and started to focus less on tactical voting and more on ‘negative campaigning’ by highlighting the voting record of Conservative MP’s for each constituency and the support they gave to the damaging austerity policies that have hurt Cornwall so much.

Then came the Yougov poll that suggested a fundamental shift in voting intentions for each constituency. Late in the day, too late, I did a last ditch post highlighting Labour as the insurgent party in five of the six constituencies.

While I am a Labour Party member, more than anything I just want the Conservatives gone and tactical voting seemed to me the only way to do it.

I thought Corbyn fought a fantastic campaign, as did Jane Kirkham in my constituency of Truro and Falmouth and I take my hat off to them.

But the question I am left with is what now? The alternative to tactical voting is centre-left parties  doing a deal. But with Labour surging ahead and the Libdems reeling, I feel that there is even less appetite for round table talks.

So that leaves the question of where does a progressive alliance go from here. Any thoughts?

Latest Yougov polling estimates in Cornwall

Check out Yougov predictions for your constituency>>>

We all want to believe, we all want to hope! And much is being invested in the latest Yougov polling findings which I set out below for Cornish constituencies. Be warned: Yougov poll findings are updated daily and there has already been a significant shift since the weekend. Other polls tell a slightly different story – but all suggest a similar narrowing of the gap between Labour and Conservatives.

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Progressive Alliance for North Cornwall

I have just been messaged by a newly formed group – the Progressive Alliance for North Cornwall.

If you are in this constituency and want to join forces with others to vote tactically against the Conservative MP Scott Mann, then click this link>>>

The North Cornwall constituency includes Launceston,  Bodmin, Bude, Camelford, Launceston, Padstow, Wadebridge

The group  seeks to “gauge the strength of the opposition against the Tories, whether that be Labour, Lib dem, Green or MK voters and come together to vote as one”.