West #Cornwall meetup, PR and constitutional reform

West Cornwall Meetup

We had a meeting in Penzance on 2nd September and you can see the meeting record here>>>

Clearly it is too late for a meeting in October and we need to re-think the time frame as well as the content.  Continue reading “West #Cornwall meetup, PR and constitutional reform”


We need a new settlement between people and government: a People’s Constitution

Until now, the flagship policy of a progressive alliance has been electoral reform and the introduction of proportional representation. Bring in proportional representation, so the argument goes, and we will see a sea-change in our politics with a new expansive, collaborative politics of the centre left. But this may not happen in the way that we think.   It is one thing to change our electoral system but quite another to change an ingrained culture of fractious tribal politics.    Continue reading “We need a new settlement between people and government: a People’s Constitution”

Cornwall Labour discuss Proportional Representation

Be There or Be Square!

Seriously this is probably the most important topic for Labour if it is to support its claim as being the party of democratic renewal. Obviously this is primarily for a Labour audience but I don’t imagine anyone is going to be checking party membership cards as they go through the door – so if you are interested, come along!

The EventBrite Page to register is here

Why do we need a progressive alliance in #Cornwall? one picture says it all

Some of you may or may not have seen our new Facebook cover – see above. It indicates the scale of the challenge ahead and the impossibility of any one party succeeding on its own in breaking the Tory stranglehold in Cornwall.

I am still taking flak from many who are   upset at the election debacle when this site urged people to vote Liberal Democrat in Truro and St Austell constituencies. It was a wrong call, I admit that, I’ve even apologised; but please for goodness sake look at the bigger picture: Continue reading “Why do we need a progressive alliance in #Cornwall? one picture says it all”