Breakdown of votes in Cornish constituencies in 2015 election

please note: the breakdown of votes below carries  a voter health warning: it cannot be used as a predictive tool but it does give some idea of what is possible

Tactical voting and talk of a progressive alliance across the country grows louder and louder by the day, even as  centre-left party leaders repeatedly reject any such proposal. From leafy Surrey – where local Labour have openly challenged their party’s stance  – to Brighton and Hove, Lewes and Eastbourne, South Devon, London, Oxford and further north, a new kind of politics is gathering pace. Continue reading “Breakdown of votes in Cornish constituencies in 2015 election”

Statement by Andrew George, Liberal Democrat

Election Update by Gavin Barker: strong efforts are being made to promote co-operation and communication between the different progressive parties. Cornwall Green Party is playing a key role in this. We cannot say more at present; communication is necessarily informal, private and tentative given that the leaders of both Labour and Liberal Democrats have rejected any progressive alliance. further updates later.

Statement by Andrew George which includes reference to the Progressive Alliance

“I will stand if you want me to…” Continue reading “Statement by Andrew George, Liberal Democrat”

Launch of Progressive Alliance for Cornwall – speaker notes

I  now have the  notes of the speeches by speakers at the launch event on 25 March, with the exception of Neal Lawson, chair of Compass – he will get back to me.

In the meantime click this link>>>

Since the conference a number of people have signed up to Compass, the campaign group and there may be efforts to start a local group. I will keep you posted.

There is also an interest in creating a local branch of Make Votes Matter – again I will let you know when I hear more.




Report from Conference

I will be putting up copies of speech notes by presenters in the next day or two. In the meantime I give  a somewhat personal take on the conference below. There may be gaps that others who were present might like to fill – or indeed corrections by others so feel free to add any  comments below!

Firstly the conference went well. We had 65 to 70 on the day and had hoped for more given that nearly a hundred registered.
Clearly there was a lot of interest in the event and it showed in the audience response on the day – with many questions and points made from the floor to the panel following presentations by the speakers.
There were two clear  over-riding themes that dominated the conference: the role of the Liberal Democrats and   the need for electoral reform.

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Cornwall Council statement on progressive alliance

Cornwall Council have asked us to publish this statement on our website and at the public meeting on 25th March:

The Progressive Alliance is able to host this event as we have made a commercial booking of the Council Chamber from the Council for which the Progressive Alliance are paying a fee.  This event has not been organised by the Council or its staff and the cost is being met fully by the Progressive Alliance.
Any material associated with the event has been organised and placed by members of the Progressive Alliance, is our sole responsibility and will be removed by us after the event.
The Council has not endorsed the event or the material associated with it and has merely hired the venue to the Alliance on commercial terms.

Winning battles but losing the war? Maybe we are fighting the wrong battles

Two days ago Cornish Stuff published an article 1,500 Cornish People Demand Proportional Voting System as Petition Hits 100,000 Nationwide. I am glad for I was one of the 1,500 locally and 100,000 nationally who signed the petition which now triggers a debate in Parliament. As the article says:

The election was dubbed by campaigners as the ‘most disproportionate in British history’ with the FPTP system accused of distorting the result. The distortion was evident in Cornwall, where 6 Conservative MPs were elected with just 43% of the vote between them. Although 170,000 people in Cornwall voted for parties other than the Conservatives, everyone is now represented in Parliament by a Tory.

But why the continued drumbeat on this website and others about  electoral reform? How does this connect to a broader public  whose overwhelming concern is the NHS, Housing, Education and employment? Few will blurt out PR as top of their list of demands if asked to do so.

The answer – and one that we need to make time and again -is that we will never get a government that truly responds to the concerns of ordinary people when our election system  fails utterly to ensure that every vote counts and every voice is heard. Continue reading “Winning battles but losing the war? Maybe we are fighting the wrong battles”