About us

We are a  growing group of people, drawn from different political parties and no party, who seek  to work for a kinder, more inclusive society, and to promote a progressive alternative to a Conservative government. We also seek to take a stand against the yawning inequalities which see an ever greater concentration of wealth, political and media power concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite, one whose narrow, self-serving agenda cascades right down to local government level. This is intolerable and a new kind of cross party politics is needed to combat the threat to our democracy and our wellbeing.

While we are members of Labour, Liberal Democrat, the Greens and Mebyon Kernow, we do not speak on behalf of our parties or make commitments and decisions in their name. We are here to forge informal cross party links, develop trust and explore common  ground. In doing so, we hope we will trigger constructive conversations within and outside our respective parties.

This is about a  more pragmatic, consensual politics that listens respectfully to difference, does not impose one point of view, speaks with honesty and acts with integrity. What matters is the greater good and a mature politics sees political parties as vehicles towards that end, not as  ends in themselves.

Just as importantly we are here to assert progressive values of open-ness, tolerance, inclusivity and  freedom of expression. We are outward looking and pro-European while affirming the right of nations and regions to  determine their own future – and that includes Cornwall.

We see no conflict between Cornish identity and that based on race,  faith, and ethnicity, for Cornwall is our home. It is where we belong. We believe that our different communities can and must come together to take back power and shape our own future.