When you can blame Europe, blame the poor, blame refugees

Blaming others is a way of not taking responsibility or not taking action. it is the easy way out.

Our country is in crisis but too often, the response is to point the finger or give two fingers. Our politics is now driven by anger, prejudice and resentment, a blind unthinking desire to  blame other people, groups and countries for the ills and ailments – even though  we have played a part in their making.

Instead of thoughtful reflection based on facts and reasoned debate, we look to politicians and parties who trumpet easy answers to complex issues.

We can complain and comment all we want on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It doesnt make a damn difference. What matters is action and if you, dear reader, simply sit there and do nothing but click through posts that you ‘like’,  ‘share’, and comment on, then so much the worse for you. So much the worse for all of us. In the end, the responsibility  lies with us, ‘we the people’.

We continue to push the Local Constituency Pact  any way we can – despite local political parties reluctance to respond. That too is a symptom of a broken democracy.  Political parties would rather do things their way – they want your vote but they dont want your opinion and they certainly dont want to be accountable.

In the end if we are ever to rescue our democracy we will need a democratic revolution that breaks the power of the Westminster party system once and for all. We need a modern constitution that entrenches real democratic power to local regions and communities.   No-one will do this for us, least of all the politicians and political parties who claim to speak in our name. Only we can do this.

The Local Constituency Pact is a first small step in this direction. Extinction Rebellion are also taking a new approach with their demand for citizens assemblies and here is a separate initiative by a Mr Malcolm Ramsay who lives outside Cornwall.

Do something. Dont just read this blog and then switch on Sky Sports to watch Wimbledon. Share and support by all means – but also organise, mobilise, form groups, join groups. We need a whole movement of civil society organisations that bind themselves around one single unifying aim: to break the power of the centre and ‘take back control’. Not in the name of any political party or leader but in the name of our own common humanity.



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