Local Constituency Pact – final draft

To the prospective parliamentary candidate for the…[name of political party]… in the  parliamentary constituency of …[name of constituency]

We, as your local constituents, wish to develop a stronger more accountable relationship between MP and constituents. We believe that our MPs should be the voice of Cornwall at Westminster and not outposts of Westminster in Cornwall – here to represent local concerns rather than sell the party line.

We recognise the tensions between an MP’s responsibilities to voters, party or Country but we are entitled to expect that MPs meet their voters formally in public to explain why they have cast their Parliamentary votes in particular ways and to hear from groups whose voice may have been ignored or misrepresented. We therefore submit a code of conduct which we ask you to sign:

Code of Conduct

1. My first responsibility will be to my constituents even if it means voting against my party where its fiscal or social policies are detrimental to large numbers of voters in my constituency.

2. I will attend an open, public meeting in my constituency every year and report back to my constituents on my voting record in Parliament. I will explain why I supported some legislative proposals and not others. I will also report progress on promises made at election time.

This shall be on the condition that all such meeting are hosted by a third party and   chaired in a manner that ensures I get a respectful hearing.   A record of the meeting   will be posted on the internet for public viewing.

3. I will regularly seek out the views of local civil society organisations who work for the benefit of the community, especially those who work with the most marginalised.

4. I will seek to work constructively with other MPs in and outside my party for the common good both of my constituents and the Country

Signed…………………………………………………..                  Date……………………………

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