Penwith Pact – feedback from others


Here are the headlines: we have contacted 119 people and received 41 responses, the majority overwhelmingly positive. Much of this was through direct messaging. Click here to view the working draft.

Of the 41 received, five said they would not support this if it went to petition. Among the reasons given were: (i) they would not sign it because it did not include climate change (ii) that they did not support electoral reform (iii) that they did not like petitions.

Still another gave an objection which began “Only the Labour Party….” I will leave you to finish the sentence! Another felt that the language was too polarised, although we feel we have done our best to be balanced.

We are still trawling through replies, some of them very detailed. Once we have done so we will post up a sample of responses which include invaluable suggestions and observations.

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