New chair of Progressive Alliance for Cornwall

At a special meeting on 6 December 2017, members of the alliance  elected a new chair, David Levine, who will be taking over Gavin Barker as chair. Gavin’s role will now be restricted to admin support and updating the website.

David Levine is a retired NHS consultant and is  delighted to take on the role of chair.  Here is what he had to say:

‘After training in Bristol and London with a year in-between in Truro,  I was appointed Consultant Physician in General Medicine and Gastroenterology in 1984 for what later became the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust.  My base was Penzance and most of my work (purely NHS) was in the West of Cornwall.

My other special experience was in education and training with work regionally and nationally as well as in Cornwall.

I retired from clinical practice at the end of 2008 but continued academic tutoring for the Peninsula College of Medicine, and later the University of Exeter Medical School, until full retirement in 2014.

I have always voted ‘centre-left’, but I am not a member of any political party.

My most urgent political priority locally and nationally would be to stop the NHS being taken over by private organisations and to reverse some of the ill-advised and damaging changes inflicted in the last decade.  I would also like to see Mental Health Services reintegrated with the rest of Medicine, at least for inpatients, as this would be beneficial for patients with all types of problems as well, indeed, for clinical staff.’

He will chair his first public meeting on Thursday 22nd of February at St John’s Hall Penzance 7pm – more details in the new year.


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