West #Cornwall meetup, PR and constitutional reform

West Cornwall Meetup

We had a meeting in Penzance on 2nd September and you can see the meeting record here>>>

Clearly it is too late for a meeting in October and we need to re-think the time frame as well as the content. 

The updated Common Platform document referred to in the meeting notes is here>>> This is a single page document that sets out a vision and set of values common to the centre left. Its purpose is to counter the continued polarised politics that claims there is no commonality between Labour, Liberal Democrat and MK. There clearly is. What is lacking is the political will to act on that basis.

In the same way the more detailed Common Policy document draws on manifesto commitments from centre left parties and you can see this here>>>

Proportional Representation

Proportional representation is gaining ground in the public mind and the local Make Votes Matter group has now been re-launched. We had a meeting on September 20th and there is another meeting next Wednesday 18 October at 7.30pm. I think it will be held at the same place – Old Bakery Studios in Truro (but I have yet to have this confirmed!). Catherine Willoughby is the contact person via Facebook so please check with her beforehnd.

I attended a couple of packed meetings at the Labour conference on this issue – and a third meeting was so full it spilled out into the corrider. Nevertheless Labour have not yet committed to this. I and others within the Labour party will continue to work away within our constituency branches and push for motions we can take to the next conference.

Constitutional Reform

Finally, please let’s look at proportional representation as part of root and branch constitutional reform. We need a written constitution to put an end to the outrageous use of royal prerogatives and ‘Henry VIII’ clauses by this government which circumvent parliamentary accountability. Their approach to Brexit negotiations is dangerously undemocratic and their veiled threats to roll back devolution of power to Scotland and Wales shows breathtaking arrogance. ‘Elective dictatorship’ is exactly what we have.

For a more detailed argument of why we need constitutional reform, please take a look at this article which I have just written for Public Matters.

Labour now have a constitutional convention as part of their manifesto commitment. This is the first step towards the public discussion and design of a written constitution. Labour are more or less in line with Liberal Democrats, Greens and MK. In practice, only Labour can make this happen – but I hope that when they do, they will work with other parties – so fingers crossed!




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