Common Platform document and Meeting Saturday 2 Sep #Penzance #Cornwall

There are three updates:

Firstly, a reminder of  next Saturday 2nd September Meeting at St Johns Hall Penzance 10.30

Please also see the updated version of the Common Platform 1 document which was circulated by Andrew George.

You may remember we  discussed this at our first meeting in Penzance and we all agreed that it was a   fair representation of the common ground that all the centre-left parties share.

It’s  purpose, both then and now, is to find a form of words which ‘captures a perspective and a set of values that bind a broad group of people together’ and ‘raises the discourse above the process and personality laden obsession of routine tribal disputation’.

It is not a manifesto but it ought to be  attractive to Liberal Democrat, Green, Labour and MK parties and to non-aligned floating centre-left voters.

Secondly, Make Votes Matter is holding a first local group meeting  on Wednesday 20th September 7.30pm at the Old Bakery Studios in Truro click here for details>>>


Thirdly, Labour are also hosting a separate discussion on Proportional Representation on 4 September – see below. You can register here>> I have already had my wrists slapped on this one so I will go carefully:

This is not an ‘official’ Labour event – just an event put together by interested Labour members who want to see their party adopt PR as a Manifesto commitment.

It is not open to non-Labour members as I originally suggested. Common Platform 1Cornwall Labour discuss (5)

2 thoughts on “Common Platform document and Meeting Saturday 2 Sep #Penzance #Cornwall

  1. With only Labour bods present it will be only a limited input especially a Blairites can be present too and to be honest, they give me the demonic shakes


  2. Regarding the PA meeting in Penzance this Saturday,(and thanks for this), don’t forget that Charmian Larke started working on a Common Ground-Vison for Cornwall PA before Andrew George was involved. and I hope that he has read the original and gives merit to her. We don’t want an Andrew George appreciation society amongst PA for I thought we were republicans! (hahaha). This is no dispect to Andrew whom in many ways I admire for his forthrightness and ability to collaborate.
    Cornwall PA is what it has to be and not centrist to any one area too…do we or are we having a PA in SE Cornwall, North, Mid Central and West…from Truro to the Lizard (the latter is beginning as in Mid Central).
    To have an anti Tory manifesto is NOT enough but a Common Vision based upon input programmes from all across society who have an interest in both a overwhelming political plurality based on a common vision for all our futures, which all PA ‘s across the UK will follow in their own “Bio Regions”.


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