Vote Liberal Democrat in St Ives and Labour in Camborne

It makes sense. We know that UKIP voters will vote tactically and vote Conservative. If we are to stand any chance of winning, we have to do the same.

For those who worry that voting tactically flies in the face of party loyalty, their beliefs and their principles, I urge you to use Swap My Vote. At least then you will know that your vote will stay true to your party, even it is cast in a different constituency. Click this link:

Swap my Vote>>>

Breadown of votes in Camborne and Redruth 2015 election


For how George Eustice voted in your name see this post>>>

Breakdown of votes in St Ives and Penzance 2015 election


For how Derek Thomas voted in your name, see this post>>>


2 thoughts on “Vote Liberal Democrat in St Ives and Labour in Camborne

  1. My daughter lives at the Lizard and wants to vote Labour but has read she should vote Libdems,is this right. No one has
    been canvassing at the Lizard for Labour. She has the only Labour leaflet in her window.


    1. Sorry I never got back to Lynne. Hard to keep on top of things. Hope your daughter is happy with the choice she made


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