A progressive alliance at Cornwall Council?

I wrote this article a couple of days ago for Cornish stuff. It was a pitch for a progressive alliance at Cornwall Council and what signal that might send to the wider electorate.

Now I am hearing that the term ‘progressive alliance’ was actually used as part of the negotiations to form a new administration. The big question is: is this just a term of convenience (the term is bandied around in the national press a lot) or does it really signify a step change in local politics? Only time will tell….

These are just some quick updates and a couple of news items pulled from the internet:

The Telegraph berates the public on their wayward tendency to support rail nationalisation

It describes the public as positively Trotskyist when it comes to trains and utilities in reference to a recent YouGov poll. As usual with the Telegraph, it ascribes market failure and industry deficiencies as the result of too much government interference! If only government would get out the way  and if only customers would understand this simple point, the world would be a lot better place!

The YouGov poll is more complex and shows support for both the hard left and the hard right views – and bear in mind that individuals may express both and see no contradiction.

A Labour comeback in Cornwall?

A shock poll suggests a remarkable resurgence for Labour  in Cornwall . The poll done by Cornwall Live suggests 25% of people are ready to back Labour candidate Graham Winter in Camborne, which outstrips by 20% those wanting to see Mr Eustice serve a third term. Some 37% however, remain undecided.

In Truro and Falmouth the Cornwall Live poll suggests a quarter of people will back Jayne Kirkham for Labour, “considerably more than the 18% who say they’ll definitely back Conservative Sarah Newton, who is defending a majority of around 8,000″. The poll puts Sarah Newton only just ahead of Liberal Democrat Rob Nolan, the Truro mayor  at 16% in our poll. You can read all about it here 

Best advice: Keep an open mind, look out for any poll updates both locally and nationally, make up your own mind about the balance struck between voting tactically and voting on party policies

Bad news on Brexit

Progressive Alliance Map

Check this map out for regular updates on who is doing what where in order to further the progressive alliance agenda

Brexit Recap

Remember this? Brexit ministers guarantee £550 milllion of EU funding for Devon and Cornwall  Please share this with your local MP at any hustings you attend.

No EU cash means UK’s tiny investment is disaster for Cornwall

After residents voted for Brexit, this British county realized the E.U. might stop sending them money


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