How Scott Mann, MP for North #Cornwall, voted in your name

We elect MP’s not just on the basis of party manifestos written at Westminster but in the hope that they will have the moral backbone and independence of mind to represent local constituency needs and be a voice for Cornwall.

Nothing like that emerges from the voting pattern of Scott Mann; just a solidly compliant foot soldier for his Conservative masters – perhaps the reason why a top government minister recently lauded Scott Mann as a ‘first-rate MP’.

You can see a sample of his voting pattern below:


As an MP he has demonstrably shown that the does not “represent the interests of all in North Cornwall” a hollow claim paraded on his constituency website , for lets remember that 68% of the electorate did not vote for Scott Mann. He might have forgotten that they are his constituents too.

You can see a detailed breakdown of his voting here>>>

Of particular note is that while Scott Mann celebrated “the largest devolution package Cornwall has ever seen” –  a deal done behind closed doors without public consultation, he has consistently voted for deep cuts to local government which completely undermines his assertion that this “places power squarely in the duchy allowing Cornwall to take control over its own destiny”. Despite his claim it is ‘great responsibility with even less power’, the very reverse of his odd but humorous quote from the Superman movie he chose to share with parliamentary colleagues.

Among other issues  that set the teeth on edge is his sincere plea on behalf of a young constituent caring for her seriously ill mother – while consistently voting against higher benefits for those unable to work. I don’t doubt that his plea was sincere but I do doubt his ability to think through the real harm Conservative cuts to welfare support have caused the most vulnerable in our community. 

The breakdown of election results for 2015 is here:-


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6 thoughts on “How Scott Mann, MP for North #Cornwall, voted in your name

  1. AND, after multiple warm words to Cornish WASPI Women, taking us around the Houses of Parliament and posing for photos many times, when it came to a VOTE to help and support us, he ABSTAINED.
    Am still spitting feathers about it.


  2. Hi Gavin, have you seen the latest poll results for Truro Falmouth. It appears the tactical vote should be to Labour as it seems they are ahead.
    cheers Rod


  3. Yep runs a race to raise 3k for our hospitals…. supports government that allows local hospitals to close, muddled thinking.


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