Voting record for Derek Thomas MP for St Ives

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As I blogged previously, there is a worryingly high proportion of registered voters who simply don’t bother to vote. Research strongly suggests that non-voters are the young and the poor, the very people discounted by this government whose policy it is to reduce benefits and impose punitive sanctions.

This sizeable number of non-voters is quite separate from those who fail to register at all – again the young, but also tenants in insecure private rental property who find they have to move on a regular basis and forget to re-register on changing address.


Voting record of Derek Thomas

This is a sample only. For the full voting record, go to


These pdf documents can be downloaded and printed off for flyers or posters

click the down arrow immediately above and to the right in order to download

3 thoughts on “Voting record for Derek Thomas MP for St Ives

  1. I have put a link to Gov.Uk Voter Registration Page, onto Purely Penzance, the community Facebook page. And I said

    “YOUNG PEOPLE OF PENZANCE, under 25s, especially for you if you have never voted before. It is your democratic right (some would say duty) to decide the future of the United Kingdom.

    In 2015 Non-Voters was the 2nd largest number, 17,258, behind the winner.

    Register to Vote on-line, it’s easy. Deadline 22nd May”

    Hope that helps. Am not a member of the page, hope it is allowed to stay up. Hey ho.


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