Cornwall – election update

In case you have not seen this:

press release by West Cornwall Green Party:

Greens Call for Grown-up Politics

In a dramatic move to shift the political landscape, West Cornwall Green Party has made the decision that their prospective General Election candidate for St Ives will stand down – for the common good.

At a recent meeting, members overwhelmingly agreed that – for the 2017 General Election only – Greens should put their weight behind  the Green candidate standing in the other West Cornwall constituency, Camborne, Redruth and Hayle.

In St Ives constituency, the Party will keep up the pressure on other candidates to adopt a progressive agenda rather than fielding their own candidate.  “We are very disappointed that – despite the efforts of MP and Party Leader Caroline Lucas – other parties have not agreed to support one another”, said Jonathan How of Penzance. “We would have liked to see an agreement – but in the absence of one, we in St Ives are taking the first step to create an effective and united challenge to the Tory government.”

“The announcement of the June election was sudden and cynical”, commented Karen La Borde, who had been selected as Green candidate for the constituency, “and the response of the other opposition parties nationally has been short-sighted and unimaginative.  They still seem to be stuck in the 20th century, each still hoping to form majority government”.

 “Karen would have been an excellent candidate in St Ives constituency”, added a fellow-activist, “but she has made it clear that she is willing to put the good of constituents before her political ambitions.  “Rather than fighting this election on Theresa May’s terms, as a re-run of Brexit, we will be pressing candidates of other parties for undertakings in three key areas”, said Branch Membership Secretary John Rawles. “We want to see a real commitment to social justice, action on climate change, and improved prospects for young people – which includes getting them to register and vote”.

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Save our NHS, Sack Hunt

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Compass Group meeting tomorrow 6pm Railway Tavern, Truro

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One thought on “Cornwall – election update

  1. Hi Gavin, We are having a ‘progressive’ type meeting in the village of Constantine this Tuesday 7.30pm at Potager, and were wondering if you had any leaflets re registering/voting etc or border policy type ones that we could have to circulate at the meeting? Our main objective is to get people out to vote – re informed by your statistics re the 2015 non voters in this constituency!  Thanks, Sandra 


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