Take action, fight back, dont give up!

Well it is not the best of news as regards local election results – as you can see from here>> but this was never about one election, or even two. We have to look to the long term. In the mean time, let’s throw everything at this in the four weeks that we have got. Here are three suggested actions:

Donate to meet the costs of our election leaflet

Anything from £3 to £30, it all helps. See our pitch and the draft leaflet here:
Given the decisive importance Facebook played in the Leave and Trump campaigns, the leaflet will largely be used as part of Facebook ad campaign-see this Guardian article which explains why. The article also gives a link to a useful web app “who targets me” to help you spot news items that are clearly part of a political campaign.

Sign the open letter to centre-left party leaders

Click here to add your name

Check the Tactical 2017 website to see who to vote for

You can access the website here>>>>

And if you have not already seen the earlier post giving pie chart breakdowns of voting in Cornish constituencies in 2015 election, you can access it here>>>

You can also donate to the Progressive Alliance nationally click here to donate>>> 

2 thoughts on “Take action, fight back, dont give up!

  1. Now, as never before, is the time for a progressive[desperate] alliance. thank you for starting it up and getting it going. Let’s hope Labour voters will be tactical and Labour and the Lib Dems and Greens can be fair and sensible with eachother to defeat the common foe.



  2. We need to identify in some constituencies which party to support. tactical2017.com cannot just say one party or the other…it will split the vote. All voters including newbies will be confused and may not vote…Lets kick butt tactical2017.com to be direct for one party….there ARE NO EXCUSES THERE IS TOO MUCH AT STAKE. 😦


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