Open letter urging the Labour party to officially endorse a progressive alliance.

This morning the Compass chair emailed out an important development to Compass members. I set out the letter in full below and I urge you to sign it:

The Guardian have just published an open letter from senior figures in the Labour Party like Jon Cruddas, Clive Lewis and Polly Toynbee in support of Progressive Alliances.

We are starting to change hearts and minds within the Labour Party.

Whatever party you are loyal to, add your name to this important statement today.

I love the Labour Party dearly. I’ve spent most of my life working to see it succeed.

But the threat of a Conservative government means we must work together. Liberal Democrats, Green, SNP, Plaid, independents and others.

Together we have a unique opportunity to reject the old tribal politics and come together to beat the Tories.

This is a breakthrough moment. We have to turn up the heat.

Greens and Liberal Democrats have already stood aside in a number of seats. If we can make this happen elsewhere we can unlock the floodgates and turn the tide in this election.

Please add your name today.

Thank you,


If you have not done so, click the image in the right hand sidebar HOW TO VOTE TO STOP THE TORIES…. to find out which constituency you are in. The message is VOTE TACTICAL!

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