Conference update and agenda for the day

You may have already heard about objections by the Cornwall Conservative councillors to having  the  launch of the Progressive Alliance for Cornwall on 25th March. This is  on the grounds that it infringes purdah rules (the period of time immediately before elections -in this case May elections)

Well all publicity is good publicity, even the bad – or so they say. However, as a newly launched initiative operating on a zero budget we could have done without being stung for £108, a cost imposed by Cornwall Council because the meeting falls within the six week purdah period. Understandably they wish to be seen as strictly neutral and non-partisan.

Money is now a serious issue. Nevertheless we forge ahead. You will now see the agenda for the day here>>> This may be subject to minor change but all being well, it should stand as it is.

Please come at – or as soon after – 09.30am as possible. Cornwall Council security procedures means that we have to sign everybody in with full details – this is for their purposes not ours. You can imagine that if everyone chooses to come at five to ten,  this could push back the start time or just mean a disruptive beginning as speakers give their presentations even as people are still filing in and finding seats. Thanks!

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