Progressive Alliance for Cornwall: Questions and Answers

We have just published a new web page Questions and Answers based on some of the comments and questions put to us. Please take a look and tell us what you think.

Perhaps the most difficult question was Why should a party such as the Liberal Democrats align with Labour? After all they were part of the coalition government from 2010 to 2015?  This section was re-written a number of times.

In the end we cannot make assumptions. Yes, the Libdems took a licking at the 2015 election  but that doesn’t mean they will  tack left next time round. Even to imply that would rouse a good deal of ire from Liberal Democrats who may be sympathetic to some sort of alliance but don’t want to be taken for granted. So we have had to be  careful and open in our wording. After all this is a very new initiative and we do not pretend to speak in any official capacity for the parties we belong to.

Our aim at this point is to trigger conversations both within and outside our respective parties on how we might work together. The answers to that question will come as much from a broader voting public who are supportive of this project, as it does from within centre left party membership.

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