2017 Cornwall Council Elections

Click on the link below to open up the interactive map showing Council Wards based on political party for elections in 2013 and by-elections since that date.

Click here to open up full interactive map

Use the + and – symbols in the bottom left of the map to zoom in and out of the map. Then find and click the Ward you live in to come up with a breakdown of votes for your Ward.

Click on other areas to see how votes are distributed; the more candidates standing, the more likely the vote is split. Quite often, a  candidate is based on a minority of votes – most voters did not vote for that candidate! A split vote gives rise to unexpected and unwanted results. This is  because our current voting system -The First Past The Post or FPTP as it is called – no longer copes with an increasingly plural politics with ever more candidates and parties seeking to stand at both Council and General Elections.

See also images below.