A vision for Cornwall

Where do you stand on:

The need for strong public services with a fully funded public health and care service at its heart?

Decent, affordable, homes including social housing?

A fair progressive tax system to reverse the increasing economic inequalities in society?

Addressing the threats of climate change?

Real devolution of power to the regions, including Cornwall?

We believe that, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat or Mebyon Kernow voters, have more in common with each other, than they have with the neo-liberal policies of the Conservatives.

A Progressive Alliance for Cornwall seeks to emphasise the commonalities between centre-left parties. There will always be clear policy differences, and distinct party identities, but where there is common ground, we seek to promote constructive dialogue, and work together on issues of common concern.

A progressive alliance for Cornwall also  seeks to highlight our broken electoral system, that splits the centre left vote, allowing the Conservatives to secure dominant power on a minority of votes. In the last election, only one in four people voted for the Conservative government that we now have – a theme taken up by Andrew George, ex Liberal Democrat MP for St Ives, in his article Can progressives cooperate to defeat the Tories?

While issues of jobs, the economy and the NHS will always be high on the list of public concerns, we believe that there can be no fair and sustainable settlement of these issues   that genuinely reflects the broadest public support, without real electoral reform and devolution of power to the regions.

Do you agree with our Vision for Cornwall?